My Interests

I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies and exploring the city. I love to help people so I am apart of the Love Your Melon crew at Temple which helps provide therapeutic recreation to children battling cancer. Being part of this crew gives me the chance to spread awareness about pediatric cancer, help out children and their families, and volunteer at different events. We volunteer at walks for CHOP and have food/supplies drives for the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. This organization has let me meet amazing people while helping people who need it the most.

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  • Hi Emily,
    That’s awesome that you help children battling cancer. I admire people like you cause I’ve known people with cancer and I know how hard it can be to deal with. I hope you continue making a better change for those children and help them continue to grow in the right direction.

    Al Dockery

  • Hi Emily!
    I also love to spend time with friends, watching movies, and exploring the city! I admire that you dedicate your time to Love Your Melon to help children battling cancer. I am a marketing major, so I would love to check out the AMA!

    Nora Denton

  • Hi Emily,
    i am in International Business major, but have some interests about marketing as well, and that is amazing that you help those children with batting cancer, i really respect you that the way you helping out people with cancer and that not easy. i wish you can keep your passion to do this, and have many changes to become better and better lead those kids to the right direction.

  • Hello Emily,

    I admire your interest in helping other people. I must admit that I’m not as giving as you are but I commend those of you who are so giving.

  • Hello Emily,
    I think it is amazing that you are involved in Love Your Melon and get to be a part of spreading pediatric cancer awareness and volunteering. I would like to get involved with an organization like this. I will research into it!

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