My Interests

I have always been interested in athletics. One thing about me is that I have always busied myself with sports and being apart of the community. I have played sports since I was five years old and I continue to play throughout my college career. I am also interested in flipping properties. With this I could buy homes and fix them up where I can eventually sell or rent them out to families or companies.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Emma, we share similar interests in playing sports from our youth and in college. Good luck this year.

  • Hey Emma! We share similar interests, I love sports and also have been busy with them my whole life!

  • Hi Emma. I am intrigued by your passion for Real estate! My current major is Marketing, but Real Estate has continued to strike my interest. Especially in Philadelphia. People are starting to realize our prime location between New York and DC while it is still reasonably priced. Property value is only going to increase so I think the sooner you start looking into buying properties, the better!

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