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I am a very physically active person. Whether I am at work, or just chasing around my children, I enjoy staying active. A few of my favorite activities are; kayaking, weight lifting and yoga. I believe physical health is an integral part of maintaining your mental health.

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  • Hi Elizabeth. I also enjoy staying active. I hate sitting around all day doing nothing. I love my job and going to work is something I do not mind. I also think being healthy is one of the most important things. Mental health is something people struggle with as college has the ability to really stress people out. We just have to stay on top of our work and minimize the stress it has on us.

  • Hello Elizabeth, I agree that physical and mental health are both extremely important. Taking care of yourself is extremely necessary. Having a healthy mind allows for better decision making and that is essential as well.

  • Good evening Elizabeth, I agree that it is beneficial to make physical activity a priority in our daily lives in any way possible. Yoga has been proven to do wonders for our physical and mental health and I endorse it as an essential exercise anyone can do and will benefit from. It appears you are a great role model for your kids, teaching them young about staying healthy physically and mentally is great!

  • Hey Elizabeth, I agree that physical health is important and I also enjoy activities like lifting weights. I try to put my health over everything. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  • Hi Elizabeth – I’m very impressed that you are able to go to school while taking care of children! I think its very admirable and impressive that you are able to have such a rich work/school/life balance! I have no children of my own but your work is inspirational.

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