Danielle McCombs

BBA in International Business, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: tug45576@temple.edu


I am originally from Washington, DC where I went to Wilson HS. I have interned at The Advisory Board Company where I created and edit Power Points, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents for the marketing director, input survey data from company training courses, and edited videos for training sessions and client interactions. I chose International Business as a major because I think that business will always be a necessary field in order to keep companies functioning, and I think international relations in business are very important because countries depend on other countries for product. I also hope to travel a lot and experience many different cultures in my career by pursuing this field. One of my most interesting classes was Business Law, which taught me the legalities of not just what goes on internally in a company or between companies, but also how a company is affected by the government its decisions.


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