Job experience

First I was a Customer Service Associate at George’s Dreshertown Shop n’ Bag. I helped customers with their every need. I dealt with all customer interactions and complaints and addressed those complaints accordingly. I also did physical labor their like washing dishes, stocking, pushing carts and cleaning.
My second job I was a crew member at Moe’s Southwest Grill. I was responsible for serving customers and being the first one they see to take their order. I also cooked food on the grill, washed dishes and cleaned the store. Management soon realized how valuable of an employee I was a promoted me to Shift Manager. I was responsible for leading my team and managing everyone and everything during my shift. I kept track of sales and revenue and counted the money in the safe each night for deposit. I also cooked the food and dealt with customers.
My next job was landscaping. I was in charge of maintaining over 100 lawns a week. I cut the lawns, mulched and trimmed them.

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