My Interests

My interest include Digital marketing and advertising, Sports Marketing, and E-commerce. Aside from my professional interests I enjoy Fashion, Traveling, planning trips with friends, and graphic designing.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hello Chris, I respect the fact that advertising is one of your interests. Certainly, advertising serves as a crucial role in regards to spreading more exposure about a business, or any type of entity for that matter. Advertising creates ample opportunity to skyrocket businesses’ popularity and reputation in a positive light. I also noticed you have Sports Marketing as one your interests, out of curiosity is there a specific sport you would have a concentration in, for marketing purposes? I also could not help but realize we have similar personal interests, I am definitely an advocate of fashion, whether it is for a business setting or a casual day with friends, it truly makes a good impression to show yourself presentable to whomever and where ever you are. It is a must to always show your drip! Additionally, I enjoy traveling with friends too, it certainly is an enjoyment to get out of my comfort zone and explore more of what this world has to offer. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss our experiences within Fox, hope to see you around campus!

  • Hi Chris, I love that one of your interests is fashion and I also noticed that we share a passion for graphic design! I myself am in the process of starting a clothing line so I am always looking for fun, new people to meet and collaborate with! Good luck in the field of digital marketing and advertising, hope to see you on campus!

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