My Interests

My interests outside of the classroom include football and coin collecting. I played football up until 8th grade and stopped playing due to the concussion risk but continue to follow the sport heavily. My father introduced me to coin collecting at a young age and I have maintained an interest in the hobby since elementary school.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Carson. I’m also a big fan of football and especially the Eagles. Although I never got to play organized football, I always enjoy throwing a football around with my friends. Also, that’s awesome that you’ve been collecting coins since elementary school. I don’t consider myself much of a coin collector, but I do try to get some sort of coin from every place that I travel to.

  • Hi Carson, I am also interested in coin collecting and have been collecting coins from foreign countries since middle school. It is nice to see someone who has a shared interest in coin collecting.

  • Hey Carson, I am a football fan as well! I played my whole life up to high school, and enjoyed every second of it. Sports truly can bring people together of all sorts, and is a great way to learn life’s most important lessons.

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