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I’ve always been interest in the health and beauty industry. I’ve always loved makeup and want to know more about the industry. I’ve always had an interest in it from watching my mom, that I became a certified Makeup Artist. I would love to know more about how to market these products and just more about the industry as a whole. My dream is to own my own cosmetic company like Nars, Estée Lauder, or Kylie Cosmetics. I also have a passion for American Sign Language. I began learning American Sign Language in high school, and developed a passion for the language. I continue to learn more about it and practice  because I think its fascinating.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • I love that your interests are very unique. I’ve always thought sign language was extremely powerful and so useful to learn. Being bilingual gives you a competitive advantage in the work field. Keep advancing in sign language! Your passion for makeup is a great goal to shoot for. Natural brands that have strong values and morals do really well and I could see you bringing the next greatest brand of makeup to the world, send me a sample package when you get there!

  • Very cool and rewarding interests! Being inspired by close family members can lead to great things, and knowing ASL is great for being able to communicate in a nontraditional format. Hope your dreams of your own company come to fruition!

  • Chelsea I think it’s awesome that you are pursuing a career in something that has interested you from a young age. I also can relate to how you gained your interest by watching your mom. I realized after watching my dad for many years growing up that i wanted to own my own business. Also I always wanted to learned sign language, it seems like a useful and sometimes unique skill to have.

  • Hi Chelsea,
    I also have interests in the health and beauty industry. I grew up watching beauty channels to learn how to do my makeup. I saw that some influencers were able to create their own company and had a full creative design of the products and marketing. One of the reasons I was drawn to marketing was because I could still be creative. It would be awesome to be able to market for a makeup company and to be able to use your creative outlets to make an amazing marketing campaign!

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