Cristina Prats

Major in Psychology, Minor in Management Consulting, Temple University

Email: tuh33637@temple.edu


A highly motivated student from Barcelona, Spain with qualities in communication and critical thinking due to the several experiences living in different countries and traveling extensively over the globe. The opportunities I was given throughout my childhood have led me to become a well rounded individual both academically and socially. Besides my academics and travelling, I enjoy social service and have volunteered in a lot of situations when living in Mexico City for 4 years. I am always looking to meet new people and establish new relationships.
Overall, I am very interested in any Human Resource related activities and communication due to my interest in socializing and having the opportunity to meet new people.I have an ability to build strong relationships both internally and externally.
I am fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and French.

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  • HI, I am also majoring in MIS for the same reason. In additional, I believe that this is a more practical degree and will direct me to real world applications, instead of theory.

  • I am not majoring in MIS, but I will say this class has caught my interest. I feel like this class will help me out a lot with real world business problems.

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