My Interests

My name is Cole Gaither. I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Some of my interests include reading, learning about new technologies and events, interacting with friends and peers, and much more. I also like to relax by listening to music or watching my favorite shows or movies. I enjoy working hard and am always looking to advance and grow.

5 Responses to My Interests

  • I see you’re interested in new technologies, I find new technologies essential for advancing in business. I hope to review new technologies and find applications for them in my field.

  • Nice to meet you, Cole Gaither. My name is Wan Sim and I found you interesting because we seem to share somewhat similar interests. I look forward to interact with you further in the future.

    Wan SIm

  • It’s a pleasure to meet you Cole Gaither. I’m Kiet Pham, after reading your “My Interests” page, I have to say that we do not have any common in any field however, the technologies and event we’re looking into is kind of similar. Also your comfortable relaxation is my usual activity.

  • My name is Nick Tresnan, and I found that we have some of the same interests. I am curious about the development of new technologies and how it will benefit businesses in the future. I also relax by listening to music and watching movies. I hope to interact with you more in the future and see what specific movies/music that you like.

  • Hi there, I notice that you have quite a few of the same interests as me, I look forward to meeting with you in the future to connect. Plus I also relax by the TV or with some good music!

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