My Interests

My interests include marketing and advertising. I like to work with other people in teams, and communicate with others. I also like creating and designing new things or products.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • Cory, we share similar interests. I am a marketing major too. Like you, I also like collaborating in groups rather than working independently. The fact that you enjoy creating new ideas shows that you are motivated. We should consider working on a project together one day!

  • Cory, your desire to create and design new things is essential to a marketing career. Those desires will drive you through a successful career in marketing and make you an innovator in your field.

  • Cory, I think marketing is one of the vital parts of a successful business. I also like to work in groups and communicate because I think it maximizes efficiency. Good luck this semester!

  • Cory, like you I also like working in groups. I feel as though communication is a key aspect of teamwork is beneficial to anyone working in business. We should definitely collaborate on a future project together.

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