My Interests

I’ve always had a ton of interest in business and have always been very good with numbers. I am majoring in Finance so that I am able to pursue business as a career. I am also very interested in marketing, social media, and I love expressing myself creatively. Hopefully one day I can incorporate all my interests into my job!

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  • We have a lot of the same interests. I also always knew I wanted to do something in the business industry! I am a marketing major and am interested in the social media world. I would love to minor in digital marketing and hopefully combine the two.

  • I love business and I always wanted to do business. I love social media and being creative. It is hard to incorporate more than one interest in one job, but I feel the same way with Event planning and human resources. I hope you succeed in life as well!

  • Hey! I feel like we have a lot in common. I love working with numbers and I am also a very creative person. There are many aspects of the business world that allow you to be creative, I wish you the best of luck!

  • I Think it is great that you like all kinds of business and I think that will definitely help you out along the way no matter what part of business you end up majoring in or whatever part of business you work in.

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