My Interests

During my free time, I like to enjoy traveling to different cities and states across the world to attend Eagles games. My family and I travel every year to an Eagles game somewhere where we haven’t been yet. Just this past year my brothers and Dad went to Tampa Bay to see the Eagles play the Buccaneers! I hope one day I’ll be able to travel the world and see the sports stadium outside of the United States. In addition to watching sports, I love to play intramural football in a bar league with a bunch of friends. While I may not be as good as I used to be I still enjoy putting on the cleats and playing some football from time to time.



One Response to My Interests

  • Very cool Chris! I also enjoy traveling the world and discovering different cities that are new and exciting. I am also an Eagles fan and want to see all the famous sports arenas in the world. I haven’t been to many but hopefully in the coming years! Too bad you didn’t get to see a win in Tampa, but maybe next year!

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