My Lituya Bay Mega-Tsunami Project

During my time at Delaware County Community College, I had the chance to take a class called Earth Science as my four credit science course. My final project for the class was to create a research presentation about the Lituya Bay tsunami. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurred along the Fairweather fault creating this massive tsunami. This was the largest recorded tsunami at 1729 feet tall wave that happened in a small bay in Alaska that actually killed multiple people. One father and son actually managed to survive the tsunami by riding the top of the wave over the trees to avoid being crushed underneath the wave. The aftermath left trees and roots uplifted from the ground as a result of the powerful force of the tsunami. Scientists were able to study the wave by looking at the remnant trees to study markings from the wave.


Lituya Bay 1958 Mega-Tsunami

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