My Interests

I am an outgoing person who like making friends, communicating with others and doing many sports activities. During my summer holiday on August 2018, I joined in the volunteer work in Shanghai International Study University to help the freshmen come to the school( like leading the ways, answering the questions and so on). I learned from this work that communication is such a good skill to help me enroll in the society.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • Hello Chenhao, I am Sunkyo Baek. I’ve just read your interest and I think you have a similar characteristic with me. I am also a active and outgoing person who like to make new friends and build a broad relationship. I wish we could be a good friend in the future.

  • Hello Chen Hao,

    Thank you for connecting with me, I am glad you learned team-spirit and communication skill during your internship at Shanghai. It is a very important value for work and life. I truly agree with you about making friends and building professional networking. I hope you find your passion and interest in developing your personal and professional portfolio. Good luck and Take Care!

  • Hello,
    I’ve just read your interests and I love volunteering and think communication is very important as well. Good luck with the rest of the semester!

  • Hello Chen Hao,
    I find it admirable that you volunteered during your summer holiday to help freshman. Transitioning to a new college can be difficult and I’m sure you were able to help impact their college lives in a positive way.

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