My Interests

My interests include a variety of things in the business field. I am very much into the stock market and seeing how the real world affects companies everyday. I also am very into sports. Being a Philadelphia sports fan there is lot to cheer about on the field as well as on the business side. I am interested in sports management as well as players finances.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Gio! I am also heavily invested in sports and interested in all the responsibilities they are required to do, such as recruiting players, managing players needs, and trying to stay below the cap space to get out of the luxury tax. Also, hopefully this year will be a great year for Philly sports, we have a bright future ahead of us with all the new talent we have acquired in the past few years.

  • Hello Gio,
    This is the first time I’ve though about sports player’s finances, it must be very exciting considering the large sums of money they make. I too am very interested in the stock market and constantly follow the ups and downs of the companies. The price of gold is always fun to follow because its a sign of volatility in the marketplace. Something you may be interested in is the price of Bitcoin.
    Good luck with your semester !

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