• I am currently working towards a BBA in Marketing, but I will soon be changing it to Economics. Economics classes have been my favorite since starting at FOX School of Business. This is why I thought it would be best to change my major to Economics, in order to have a major that better fits my interests, and goals. I hope to learn more about the field, and the jobs within it.

Classes Taken

  • So far, I have only taken FOX GenEds, and have not taken any courses that are program-specific towards my major.
  • Out of the FOX GenEds I have taken, I enjoy STAT 1102&1101. I also enjoy ECON 1102&1101.
    • Learning about Economics, and everything that goes into it, is truly what I enjoy.
    • I’ve always had a love for math, so STAT is a class I take seriously
  • Bellow is a powerpoint example from classes I am currently, ECON 1101

Career Interests and Aspirations

  • I hope to one day work within a field that allows me to use my major, but also let my creativity shine.
  • Working for a fashion, art, beauty brand, etc. is what I’ve always seen in my future. I hope to work for a company that helps others show their creativity.

Personal Interests & Work Experience

  • I’ve always had a love for horses, and riding. I’ve spent many of my summer days teaching young children how to ride at horse camps. This has taught me people skills, understanding, and leadership. I also helped manage the barn I worked at, and took care of its daily needs for many years. This lead me to help out at numerous horse races, where I help children and adults who will be competing that day. Race days are often very stressful, for those riding and for those helping out. Helping with these races, and working at the barn, has taught me time management, responsibility, and an overall appreciation for teamwork.

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