My Interests

A few classes I have taken:

  • Digital Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Into to marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Management Information Systems

One of my favorite classes I took was Digital Marketing.  Learning all of the current ways to market products, and doing it in the most efficient way possible was very informative.

I also enjoyed International Marketing, being aware of the cultural difference/beliefs/attitudes is critical.

I enjoy working with Companies to bringing awareness to a brand through Marketing. 2 Types of digital marketing I really enjoy are, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

My goal is to one day work in a large company while learning new things and growing in seniority.

One Response to My Interests

  • Hi Breana,

    I reached your e-portfolio through our common interest in Social Media. Your marketing major, particularly the marketing courses you listed above, seems to be an excellent way to learn more about social media behaviors and influence. In the past I have researched how social media (Twitter) has impacted emotional/mental behavior, but have been recently interested in consumer influence. For that reason, the Digital Marketing class would probably be my favorite as well.

    All-in-all, it looks like you will be highly successful with your marketing endeavors.


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