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For over 3 1/2 years since July 25th, 2015, I have been actively pursuing my passion and career in the field of aviation. I am currently an Instrument Rated Private Pilot, and in training for my Commercial Certificate and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. A career in aviation and having the ability to fly airplanes in my daily life was never a thought or interest for me until the idea was proposed by my parents. I had been investing some time into flight simulators when I was younger and it was because of that my parents realized and suggested I try it out in real life. Ever since that first day of flight, I have absolutely been in love aviation and flying and hope to pursue a lifelong career in the field.

Business Management/Real Estate

Although never actually being my main interest for an education in college or a career thereafter, my interest in business management and real estate stems from my family’s ownership and management of several car dealerships and an industrial real estate company. Despite business not being my main focus in life, the benefits and opportunities of obtaining a business degree are vary valuable and beneficial for me whether I stay in my family business or look elsewhere. Maybe and hopefully at some point in my future, I can combine both of my interests and career paths of aviation and business to achieve something great!

Computers and Technology

Throughout my entire life, computers and technology has always been a huge interest for me. Ever since I started playing video games when I was four, every form and sort of technology fascinated me. There is so much that can be done with so little in the technological world, and because of that, it brought me forward to today where I enjoy building and messing around with computers. The picture above is just a small glimpse of the computer I built nearly five years ago with the help of my cousin. Although I don’t plan on or foresee myself getting involved with the technological industry as a career, perhaps it will somehow mesh into my future career elsewhere.

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  • Hi I see that your also interested in the real estate market as well, I got into from my dad working on houses while I was growing up. What got you interested into it. Also I am in the Air Force as a medic, I do want to try to cross train over to pilot one day, I think that is cool that you already know how to fly.

    • Hi Joseph! It’s a pleasure meeting other people with similar backgrounds and interests. My personal interest and experience with real estate stems from my family’s business handling industrial real estate. If you would like to talk more about aviation and pilot training I would be more than happy to.

  • Brandon,
    Like Joseph and yourself, my family also owns and operates a real estate company as well in the Lehigh Valley and Reading. There is a really great/interesting SPO Temple offers called TREO and I think you would like it. Also, the fact that you have your pilots license is very interesting. I would love to work towards that if I did not have a terrible phobia of flying.

    • Hi Dylan! Thanks for bringing the SPO to my attention since I am not sure if I was aware of it before. Also, flying is really nothing to be scared of and not to mention it is generally pretty easy to learn.

  • I see you are interested in real estate. Here’s a great site to stay informed about what’s going on in Philly

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