My Interests

The primary interests of mine mainly revolve around watching and playing sports.  I love rooting for all Philadelphia sports teams year around and playing mostly any sport depending on the season.  I am also very interested in traveling around the world and visiting as many news places as I can possibly can.  I am definitely looking forward to traveling abroad in Rome next year.  I am also currently enjoying learning the basics of many different possible business majors as I am undecided at the moment and still trying to figure out what major to declare.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Awesome post! I also love the Eagles and try to travel to as many games as possible. I highly recommend Rome if you ever get the chance, I went there a few years ago and it was truly amazing. Finance is a great major to consider since it applies to many different fields of business and job market will grow.

  • Love the post! I’m not much of a sports fan myself but the camaraderie it establishes is refreshing to see! Since business is so versatile there’s ways for you to even get involved with sports from a business perspective. I can relate to your interest in traveling, I also love to travel. I think it’s crucial to us being well rounded developed people. Going to different regions and experiencing different cultures jump starts a lot of personal and profession growth.

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