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I am a Sophomore Human Resource Management Major, and am also leaning towards minoring in Legal Studies. I  love to help people whenever I get the chance, and feel as if I could lead an organization’s HR program and implement regulations and policy’s effectively. I am interested in employee relations, compensation, benefits, safety, and the performance of employee’s in the corporation, and am very excited to work in this field. I am also interested in traveling and am going abroad this summer to Rome, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to take classes in such a different environment. All throughout my life, I loved to play sports and played soccer, basketball, and softball, which allowed me to work with teams and become more familiar with many different types of individuals as well as the way they act.

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  • Hey Blair, I’m also a HRM major at Fox. You seem to be very passionate about human resource management, as am I. You seem to be interested in different aspects of the field such as compensation and benefits, and I find that interesting because I want to be in recruitment and training. Hopefully one day we can cross paths and discuss our varying interests in this wonderful field. Good luck to you!

  • Hey Blair! I am majoring in Legal Studies and am also interested in sports! Just like you, I played sports throughout my entire childhood and I also played softball and baseball since I was very young.

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