Brian Fritz

BBA in Risk Management & Insurance, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: brian.fritz@temple.edu


Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Washington Township, NJ and went to WTHS. I have accepted a full-time position as an Environmental Underwriter with Allied World Assurance Company and look forward to starting in May. I chose Risk as a major because the world economy would cease to exist as we know it without the insurance mechanism to transfer risk. Furthermore, the introduction of enterprise risk management can help organizations better manage their risks at all operational levels.

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  • I’m not an MIS major, but since I began learning about it, I have had a huge interest in it. I believe that MIS will help me better understand the language of business and the processes that occur daily.

  • I am not majoring in MIS, but have gained some traction to finding some sort of interest in it. MIS allows. me to be aware of how the innovation in technology and business operations can drastically change. in such short time.

  • Hello, it’s a pleasure to know something about you, Brain. I’m Jerry, from China. I have no any knowledge of your major but I assume it’s a interesting major. Even I do not enjoy camping but I enjoy sunbathing on the beach!

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