My Interests

Alexandra Sacco

BBA in Marketing, Fox School of Business, Temple University.

Expected to graduate: May 2020.


I am pursuing a career in Marketing. I am currently working as a sales associate at White House Black Market, in order to gain experience in the Marketing field of study. I enjoy working in retail and working with fashion. I am currently working with just women’s clothing, but I am learning many techniques involving sales. I really enjoy being around people and constantly communicating with people. This is something I consider myself very good at. I enjoy being busy; I am working two jobs while going to school. I find that I work better when I am busy. When I first went away to college and took a Marketing class, I loved what I was learning and knew it was the best choice for me. I think that Marketing is very relevant and significant in the business world today, and it is possible to do many different things with a degree in Marketing.

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