I have taken many classes throughout my high school and college careers which have taught me an exorbitant amount of vital information. I believe that the classes taken by a person shows their personality, abilities, and perseverance.

In high school we had a pretty standard curriculum until senior year. The classes I choose to take in high school were Latin, Spanish, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Chemistry. Calculus was my favorite class in high school.

Even though it is only my second semester in college, I have taken many interesting classes that will help with my future career. Some of these classes include Human Resource Management, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Management Information Systems, Data Science, and Legal Environment of Business. I really enjoyed the Legal class because it expanded my view of the rules and regulations within the business world. My Financial Accounting class is my favorite class because of the use of number and conclusions that can be drawn about a company from those numbers.

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