Work Experience

Work Experience at the Hadera “Khan” Museum

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While working at the Hadera “Khan” Museum, I learned a great deal about how much history can play a role in a community. While working at the museum, I would often interact with individuals whose families have lived in the town of Hadera for over one hundred years. I heard stories that have been passed down through generations about experiences that occured before even the founding of  the state of Israel. My time at the Hadera “Khan” Museum taught me that a town’s history is a vital part of its culture, and therefore should be highly respected.

Work Experience at Sandler & Marchesini, P.C.

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While working at Sandler & Marchesini, P.C., I learned a great deal about how a law firm is able to provide services for its clients. Specifically, I learned how firms manage a large number of cases and manage to stay up to date on them. In addition, this oppotunity at Sandler & Marchesini, P.C. allowed me to witness first-hand the various legal procedures of a claim, everything from when the claim is first filed to the result of the case. Overall, my time at Sandler & Marchesini, P.C. familiarized myself with the legal environment and the procedures that take place in such an environment.

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