On-Campus Activities

Temple Debate Society

While participating in the Temple Debate Society, I would often either prepare cases ahead of time or use cases created by alumni about various topics that can then be debated during rounds. Attached is an example of a case that I would run at a debate tournament that was written by an alumnus of the university. From this example, one can see that, in order to run a debate case, one has to make use of arguments from a number of different disciplines (everything from economics to philosophy to political science).

Sample Case: Sample Debate Case

PwC Challenge Case Competition

While participating at he PwC Challenge Case Competition, my team and I were tasked with solving a theoretical problem that a fictional client of PwC was facing. After performing the necessary analyses, my team and I presented our results to a panel of judges from PwC. Attached is a copy of the slides used to make this presentation.

PwC Case Compeition Slides: Presentation Slides

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