My Interests




I am interested in learning about how different countries interact with each other in a business setting. The world is so large and diverse that I find it enjoyable to learn about its complexities. In addition to my international business studies at Temple, I also often travel to learn about different languages and cultures. I believe that the best education comes from experience and that the best way to experience the world is to explore it.







In addition to my international business interests, I also enjoy legal argumentation. I like thinking on my feet and formulating arguments to prove a point. To satisfy this interest, I participate in both the Temple Mock Trial Team and the Temple Debate Society. These activities help me work on my quick-thinking and argument-generating skills.

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  • Alon,

    I too have an interest in the global economy! Globalization and culture have such profound effects on the financial markets, consumer confidence, and nearly every macroeconomic factor there is, and it is vital as 21st century businessmen to realize that the world market is still evolving. I admire your respect for the global market and know there is a bright future ahead for you with this worldview in mind.

  • Hi Alon, it sounds like you really enjoy mock trial and debate. Like you mentioned, these activities will definitely help you develop your quick-thinking and analytical skills, and I’m confident that they will provide value to you in your future career!

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