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My interest outside of school is consistend of football, music, and videogames. I love team sports in general, but football to me is the ultimate team sport there is. Playing the game of football is also what I would do as a future career when the opportunity presents itself. As for music, I one day would like to make my own and become possibly a producer of music. Videogame playing time for me has dropped a bit since I was a child. Although, I like to keep up to date of what people are playing these days. I find these things intesting.

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  • Hello there Al, I see that your interests include music and videogames. I love music as well, but not in the producer side of it. As for videogames, I feel you because I used to play as well but once high school and college came around, I became super busy. Well, I wish you well and luck in your endeavor as a music producer, as well as your love for football. As for videogames, I hope you will find the time to play it again, and find that childlike wonder again with video games.

    Nhat Nguyen

  • Appreciate the comment on my first post! One day i’ll get back with videogames, but you know work comes before play. Pray everything is well with you and best of luck on your work tworads your goals as well.
    Al George Dockery

  • Hi Al,
    I think it’s really interesting that you have such big ambitions for your future in such a creative field. I’ve always wanted to work in the music industry, but I am looking at it from a business perspective. I respect your dedication to do what you love and hope that you achieve all that you dream.
    Sarah Tennant

  • Hi AL
    I also like to play football video games like FIFA 15, have you ever play this before? EMD music is my favorite mucis type. I wish you can achieve your goals.

    • Hey Yuanhao,

      Haha iv’e played FIFA before but I’m not too good at it. As for music I like to listen to R&B and Hip-Hop music mostly, but EDM is definently on my list.

  • Hi Al,
    I see you are interested in football! That makes two of us! As far as music goes there are many guys on my team who have made songs and some have even stepped away from football to sign a deal with a record company. If you would like some help with getting your foot in the door feel free to reach out to me and I can get you in touch with the right people!

    • Hey Griffin,

      That would be great if you can help me out to get in touch with those guys! I would greatly appricitate it. What’s the best way to get incontact with you?

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