Volunteer Work Experience

Throughout high school I stayed engaged within my community through various volunteer programs. These programs are listed below with a brief description of what I learned through the experience.

Relay for Life 

As the captain of a Relay For Life team with sixty people on it, I have learned how to collect and manage money. It was my responsibility to hand in my team members money in order for them to be able for them to attend the event. I utilized accounting while organizing events in order to raise money by pricing the goods being sold based on how much they cost to make. This has also taught me time management and helped me to become a strong leader.  


March of Dimes

As a captain of a march of times team I worked to raise money for the event. I also helped run the event through the planning out of various activities, like face painting and a free food stand, that made the walk fun for people of all ages.

Volunteer Field Hockey Coach 

Coaching has taught me how to work with people of all age groups. I had to interact with parents and children. I also learned problem solving while coaching by helping the team not only learn the game, but also learn how to work together in order to be successful as a whole.

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