My Interests

As a young student I have a broad range of interests. My most prominent interests include the law, economics, and photography. I strive to learn more about my interests daily, and look forward to broadening my knowledge on them throughout my academic career.

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  • Hi Amanda!

    I think having a wide array of interests makes for a more well-rounded person! I also have an interest in photography. I mostly dabble around with old Polaroid cameras and fix up ones I find at yard sales!

  • Hello Amanda,

    I also have an interest in photography. Philly is a great place to express this interest with so much going on around us. Law is also a great interest. I really enjoyed the Legal Environment of Business class that Temple offers. Having many interests in different fields will help you excel at any job!

  • Hello Amanda,
    Similar to you, I also have an interest in law. I would like to attend law school to further my education and acquire a job in this field. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge in the subject, I would recommend you join the Pre-Law Society, which is a club that Temple offers for students with an interest in law!

  • Hi Amanda,
    As an economics minor, I am also interested in Economics. Prior to coming to Temple, I was always interested in Law but I never pursued it. Best of luck!

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