Work Experience

The first job I have worked in was Taco Bell in my Senior year of High School. It was far from glamorous, but it taught me a lot in expectations and the value of a dollar. After leaving Taco Bell I worked as a busboy at a local restaurant, Pica’s, where I worked as a busboy for a couple months before becoming a server, which I did for about a year. As anyone can tell you from serving, it teaches you a lot in customer service and how to sell your image to make money. If you came off as a well put together, caring person, you get more in tips (hopefully). From Pica’s I worked in odd catering positions until I ultimately worked in the position I maintain to this day, Teller at Wells Fargo National Bank. My time with Wells Fargo taught me a plethora of important information in solidifying customer service, cash handling, sales, operations, teamwork, and leadership.

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