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As a Legal Studies major, it reflects my strong interest in law. Law is prominent within everything we do, especially in the world of business. Additionally, I am interested in engaging in any teamwork-oriented activities, they tend to build strong character and produce better outcomes than solo-worked projects. Though, in teamwork environments, leaderships skills are essential to drive the task in the right direction. I managed to encompass leadership skills throughout my experiences and enjoy not only organizing a plan, but helping others understand their assigned parts of the project to contribute.

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  • I completely agree with your statement on law being a prominent source of everyday activities. Not many people tend to push themselves to be familiarized with laws that pertain to their own lives and ultimately face consequences when they are faced with situations that require them to be aware of such instances. I can also relate to team building exercises bringing out strong character because I felt that personally when I play in a sports team and work on business projects with others.

    • I totally agree with you. Law is definitely an overlooked topic and teamwork certainly makes the dream work!

      • Hi Angelique,
        I really like your picture, you look so professional. I’m so happy you are pursuing a education in law. I think it will be the perfect career path for you. Simply put, you are awesomely smart. 😊

  • Hi,
    What a great introduction to your interest page. You seem to understand that it is very important to value everyone and I completely agree with you. When people work together they accomplish more and they will feel engaged in the work at hand. This does effect all businesses and people of all ages.

  • I feel the same that leadership skill is very important in teamwork. Without a leader, a team project will not be done in a right way.

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